Saturday, December 12, 2009

Language that hinders me from sales

Phew!!! I just came out from work! It's a tiring day today. I just realized that today is Saturday and there were a lot of customers and mostly just came for the iPhone case because most people got their iPhone today! WOW!!! It's iPhone harvest time!!! Since morning till night, I must say that 95% of the people just came to look for the iPhone case. Even someone, *ahem*, got his iPhone today and he nagged me to pay for him as he didn't have enough money! Sigh!!! Anyway my dear iPhone, no matter where you are, you'll be mine soon!!! muahahahaha!!!

Today I've encountered 2 Korean ladies and they couldn't speak English properly. They were trying to ask me some questions but they couldn't say out what they were inquiring for. At night, I also met a Korean family, which could speak English well. Somehow, I think that I should learn some Korean language to be able to make a sale well. The most common factor that hinders me in doing my sales properly is LANGUAGE!!! Yes, language! So far I have this problem in communicating in:

1. Cantonese
2. Bahasa Malayu
3. Mandarin

Most Chinese will speak Cantonese to me and I will ALWAYS reply them in English. Although I can't understand a thing of what they are talking about but when they mention about the name of the ipod or of the mac, I will say the price in English!!! haha!!! I will try to guess what they mean by that. Same goes to people who speak Malay to me. So yeah, today I faced Koreans! How to speak??? I should start going for some classes to learn those 3 languages by now else I can't go any further in my sales. At least my French helped me a lot to help those customers from France! :)

Anyway... time to learn new languages!!! Anyone wants to teach me? :)

Finally I got my tag!

Last night I slept with no weird dreams... YAY!!! Surprisingly last night my neighbour came back and freely shared the internet with me! haha!!! Thank you neighbour! :)

Yesterday work was not bad. It was just a normal day. I finally got my tag after 1month of working!!! Everybody got their own tag and I never got one. So I was a bit like a special type of staff there. Anyway if only you know how I got it. The management just printed my name tag only and they were supposed to give me a tag along too but nothing. So I went to buy the plastic to put my name tag inside, who knows that it's too small, cannot slot if at all!!! I'm starting to think that my company is becoming more and more "kiamsiap". They didn't give me the full tag and expect me to get it myself. Anyway I went to get the machines cord from the drawer myself and then attached my own plastic to it... Then I went to The Gardens and put in my shop's business card and claim that it's my own business card! haha!!!

Today is another full day of work from 10am to 10pm! It's gonna be a great day where I'm gonna walk in confidence to make people happy by what I'm gonna demonstrate to them. Though I am weak, that's where I am strong in Him! :)

Friday, December 11, 2009

Weird dream = Horrible dream

G'morning Malaysia! Today I woke up so late after hearing my alarm so many times and let it to stop by itself, I ended up waking up at 9:20AM instead of waking up at 8AM!!! Oh no!!! My work starts at 10AM and I'm still in bed, enjoying my sleep. I wish I could sleep more. Why? Well I'm kinda had a weird dream and every time I would want to go back to the dream and change it.

Here is my dream...

I've dreamt about myself who was on the verge of getting a Macbook Pro 15". I don't really know why I would want the 15" in real life. Anyway, I think in my dream that I've made a mistake. I was in this weird counter that can rotate by itself changing from a Mac Shop to a Christmas Mood Customer Service counter. It was the same people, but as the counter rotated, they suddenly changed their outfit into red and the Christmas hat and asked me, "Yes Sir, how can we help you?" Weird right? Before that the counter rotated by itself, I was buying a Macbook. Can you believe that? I had no idea how on earth I had so much money in my wallet and I was about to pay for the Macbook in cash!!! Ok for your info, the Macbook 15" costs around RM6,3999 to RM8,4999, depending on which specs you're buying. While I was counting my money, I was lack of RM5!!! Sigh!!! RM5 only you know!!! How on earth can I miss RM5 only??? Btw I was saying that in my dream. Then that's how I started to say, "How I wish somebody would help me!" As soon as I've said that, the Mac counter turned into this Christmas Mood Customer Service and asked me, "Yes Sir, how can we help you?" Weird right??? The other scariest thing after that is that I heard God speaking to me. He said, "Give away your Macbook for me!" I was like, "WHAT??? GIVE AWAY???" Sigh! God was asking me to put the Macbook in the building fund. I was really sad... Then by the time I want to negotiate which God, that's how my alarm woke me up!!! ARGHHH!!! It's a sign of no negotiation with God! hahaha!!! Well in this season, it's already a stretched season for me!!! hehehe...

My Mac experience

Ok now back to blogging. I can finally have some time to blog today. So far life has been really busy for me. The working experience in Machines has really been a good thing for me. I learned a lot of things and I especially learned mostly from mistakes. I got scolded so many times that even my fingers and my toes are not enough to count the amount of times that I got scolded. Wow!!! Well mistakes are the past now, it's time to move on...

Now is December and the year is ending soon. I will try to update my blog more (although that I've said that countless times already). I'm putting there for my next year's resolution to make a better blog. This one has become not too stylish and cool anymore. I didn't know that having a lot of additional external javascripts will cause my blog slow to open. I even tried to open my blog on an iphone and it's not working. :( How pity is that and how am I gonna get an iPhone if I continue like that? So yeah, next year, change blog! New year resolution SET!!

Working as a Mac salesperson, I'm becoming a MAC freak now! I really can't stand a PC now, although that I'm blogging right from my Acer laptop. Well to tell you the truth, I haven't touch my Acer laptop for a month already. Why? Well I used to use the internet freely at home... my neighbour, who is still unknown to me, freely shared his/her internet line, so I freely took it... Who knows that right after the final exams, I have no more internet already. First assumption, either my neighbour went back to hometown or he/she has moved house already. What makes me think of this assumption? It's because I can't even find the network!!! It should be there but now it's gone! Maybe I'll get it back in January! Anyway... my point is switching to a Mac is easy but to switch back to a PC, here comes all the headaches!!! I can't even use my PC well. It's not a lousy laptop. I just got it 6months only! Now I'm thinking to sell it now for some certain reasons... Anyone interested to get a laptop, let me know! :)

I'm really blessed to work as a salesperson. To tell you the truth, the word SALES was not my friend unless it has something on = ON SALES!!! :) I'm a person who really hated salesperson because I always thought that they always cheat people to buy their products or services. I'm saying this because I got cheated for many times by salespeople and quite badly. My first experience of being cheated in Malaysia was by my own university. Well sadly to say that, but that's the fact! I didn't get good results for my A Level in my high school and I was said that actually I could do my A Level in UCSI and at the same time as my degree course in Psychology. Unfortunately when only I traveled all the way from Mauritius, with a 9hours flight, I was told that I can't do this programme. Remember this, I came alone in Malaysia. Then I went to see my agent in his office. Guess what he said? He said, "I never mentioned such things before." Well imagine this, my whole world turned upside down and I was forced to do the foundation course in UCSI. That was my first experience. My second experience was by a saleslady who promoted streamyx to me and I was really interested. She told me that I only had to pay RM77 only!!! I was so happy and applied straight away. When I got the bills, who knows that I had to pay activation fee, for the installation fee, and the modem??? Well another time cheated. Now if you see me walk around and you're a salesperson giving flyers to me, I will ALWAYS and ALWAYS say NO to you. Besides that, I'm now a salesperson! Do I cheat people? NO I DON'T!!! Why some people feel cheated? Let me explain as follows:

1. Telling lies
2. Giving false promises
3. Giving wrong information
4. Overly money minded
5. Lack of confidence
6. Lack of experience in handling people
7. Poor English!!!
8. Cheating mindset

So far, I can find only these. Maybe I will find out more the more I work. I met a customer recently who was really angry with my company because he felt cheated by one of my colleague. He told me that he got the wrong information from the salesperson when called the outlet shop earlier. Knowing that he was really frustrated and pissed off, I tried to calm him down and apologize on behalf of my colleague. After calming him down, I managed to sell a Mac to him in the end and not only that, he went off happy! :) Well our job as salesperson should be able to satisfy the customer's needs. I'm working as a professional, although I'm still a trainee, I'm well experience to handle customers on my own now. Salespeople ought not to cheat people. We must be able to show them the benefits of our product or services. Those benefits should be valid, not fake ones else you must be sure and be ready, be very ready to meet the unhappy customer again! I experienced that before. That's one of my scoldings actually. This is due to my lack of experience. I can meet fussy customers almost everyday now too. It's not easy to handle them, but it's really good if I manage to sell my products to them in the end. I met like 3-5 fussy customers which I managed to sell iPods and Macs. Amazing right? :) Well praise God for that! :)

Well salespeople out there, please don't try to cheat people. It's not for your benefit of getting commission. Know your purpose! It's to meet the needs of the customer and to make them satisfied by what we are demonstrating to them and how it benefits them. If you make them unhappy, trust me, in future you won't get lots of customers again. I have a customer who comes every time. I don't know why also, but he's very happy from my service. He's actually a CEO of a big company and he bought a Macbook Air from me and he showed off to his staffs and he's planning to get them to buy Mac. Amazing right? Well it's all because he's a happy customer using a product that benefits him. That's how your market will grow and it multiplies!!!

My Mac experience has really brought me into a new level of confidence and how to handle customers well. I learned how to control my anger too. When I meet customers, I can't be angry with them, I just have to keep my smile and serve them no matter what. Some customers will be unsatisfied of course, but we can't satisfy every customer. Every person has a different perspective of things and different wants and needs. Some are more experts and some are unexperience mac users but they are all humans. Somehow something must attract them sooner or later. They complain, never mind, just move on... there are always other customers to serve! :)

Well that's all from my mac experience. I hope you all enjoy reading it. Oh if you're wondering if I'm gonna buy a mac soon. Well I'm still considering... I'm a mac freak now... too bad... that's how i know my stuffs more, by using it more! :) My favorite toy so far is the Magic Mouse! :)