Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Days -2

Yes!!! 2 more days left!!! 2 more days for what? It's my last paper for this semester then I'm done and I can finally be on a holiday!!! Wohoo!!! Ok I shall not rejoice so fast! I have to study hard now! 2 more days left! Study smart Robin! You can do it! Ok stop blogging! What are u still doing here??? Ok ok ok!!! I'm going now ~~~~ ^^

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sing To The Lord

This is a new song that we just sung last weekend services. It's indeed a great song. The first time I listened to it, it sounded so familiar. Yes, it's Sing To The Lord from the album of THIS IS OUR GOD.

Align Center

Recently in choir and from good musicians from the worship team, I've learned how to appreciate a song. Every song that I sang, I started to view the meaning of the song. I start to dissect every single part of the song. This is what I did for the song Sing To The Lord. Here's the lyrics and the song itself.


Righteous Ruler of the heavens
Holy, holy, our God
Sovereign Lord of all creation
Holy, holy, our God

Every tribe and tongue
Lift your voice as one
He is greatly to be praised

Sing to the Lord, oh my soul
Let the heavens shout for joy
Great is our God
Great is our God

Nations come and bow before Him
Holy, holy, our God
Angels sing now and forever
Holy, holy, our God

The heavens shall declare }
The glory of our great God } (x3)
Jesus, come let us adore Him
Holy, holy, our God

Sing to the Lord, oh my soul
Let the heavens shout for joy
Great is our God
Great is our God

Great is our God
Great is our God

This song describes how great God is. Basically it's like the song is telling a story in itself. In the first verse, it describes who is God. He is Righteous, Ruler of the heavens, Holy, and He is the Sovereign and Lord of all creation.

As we go to the Pre-Chorus, it's like turning a page and we can see that it's a different approach. We sing, "every tribe and tongue lifting their voice as ONE!" The next page shows how people from different background, race and countries, such as Chinese, Indians, Malaysians, Africans, Indonesians, Koreans, and Mauritians! ^^, we can all lift our voice as one for our God is greatly to be praised.

Next part is the chorus, I love this part so much! Sing to the Lord O MY SOUL!!! As we sing this song, we ought to sing it with all our soul, all that is inside of us, just pour it out and make a joyful sound by singing out LOUD!!! As we sing with all our soul, the heavens will SHOUT FOR JOY!!! The heavens will shout that Great is Our God and He is the Great One! I went to check in the dictionary what is the meaning of the word GREAT. You'll be amazed to see how GREAT is the word GREAT is! :D

GREAT is unusually or comparatively LARGE in size or dimensions. It is unusual or considerable in Degree, Power, and Intensity. It is Wonderful and Very Good! It is being such in an Extreme or Notable degree. It is Remarkable, Notable and Exceptionally Outstanding (i love this one ^^). It is Distinguished; Famous, Chief or Principal. It is usually described as a person in a High Rank, Official Position, or Social Standing. It's also a person of Extraordinary Powers; having Unusual Merit and Very Admirable (i love that too ^^). Lastly it is also a person who is Skillful and is an Expert.

Wow!!! I'm also impressed by how GREAT is our GOD! =) This is beyond awesomeness!!!

Then when it comes to the 2nd verse, that Nations will come and bow before Him as we all sing with all our soul! As the Angels sing now and forever, we ought to sing the same as angels!

When it comes to the bridge, it's the most exciting part of the song. It's where the Heavens and the earth are connected. Well this is the picture that I had in my mind as I listened and sang this song. It's beautiful! Heavens shall declare the glory of our GREAT GOD! Again our GREAT GOD! Impressive right?

Well that's all that I have to share about this wonderful and beautiful song! WOW!!! This is GREAT! =)

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Being kicked in the sleep

I-Ming was the latest happening thing in KL during this Easter 2009. Apparently it's a device, same size as an ipod, could actually go into the past. Isn't that great? Yeah it is and guess what? It was released in Malaysia!!! Too bad, I don't have the picture to show you how it looks like. Basically there's pair of glasses (looks like sunglasses but not lenses) that you have to wear, then you start to key in the date and the time. The system will start to generate and bring out the same memory at that specific time. You can flash back all the good moments of your life!!! Isn't that AWESOME??? Well I have a bad news for those who didn't know the launching of this new device. I-Ming is no longer selling in Malaysia!!! Awwww!!!! Well fear not, I attended the launching and it was all recorded and it'll be on DVD! Want a copy??? Ask me for more info! =)

Today I had my first exam paper. It was quite tough with lots of tricky questions. I was sleepy, very sleepy. This morning I went to treat myself a breakfast McMuffin sausage and egg! It has been a long time that I haven't eaten that. Last night I went to sleep quite late, at around 1am as I was too tired to study but something woke me up in the middle of the night and afterwards I couldn't sleep anymore. Let me tell you what happened to me.

I'm currently sharing a room with 2 people so there's 3 of us in the room and we all sleep on mattress and there's not enough place in this room. I was the first one to go to sleep as I was really tired. Then Ray, my roommate, was on his laptop and he fell asleep on the opposite direction that we all usually sleep. I was sleeping peacefully, then suddenly he kicked me on my TUMMY!!! The way he kicked me it's like kicking football!!! I yelled in pain!!!! It was so painful!!! He woke up a while, looked at me and went back to sleep!!! After that I couldn't sleep anymore and then I went to the living room and prayed and had my devotion and I continued to study. After I came back for exams, Ray also came back and I shouted, "RAY!!! I WANT TO KILL YOU!!!" Then he started to say sorry to me, started to beg me to forgive him. Then he said, "I know I kicked last night, I thought I kicked you on your face, that's why when I looked at you, I didn't see anything, so I went back to sleep!!!" Ray, I still want to kill you!!! hahaha!!! No worries, not literally! hehe... Anyway it was painful!!! Just imagine someone kicking you on your tummy!!! Not funny at all ok? Well fortunately I could still be a hungry person to take my breakfast and lunch! hehehe... I gotta study for tomorow Lifespan Paper now!!! Cheers!!! =)

Monday, April 13, 2009

I've made up my mind! :)

This morning as I prayed and did my devotion unto God, He revealed me something great. God spoke to me and gave me a revelation.

First I read Joshua 1 where it says, "Be strong and be of good courage!"
After reading that I felt very encouraged.

Second I read Matt 25, where it says 3 things inside.
1st - The Bridegroom will come at any time, so I must be prepared.
2nd - He shall make me prosperous, very prosperous indeed!
3rd - He set me apart for greater works.

Lastly, I've received an email from Pastor Robb Thompson and he was sharing this verse in James 1:25, "But if you keep looking steadily into God's perfect law-the law that sets you free-and if you do what it says and don't forget what you heard, then God will bless you for doing it."

I truly feel very blessed after reading those passages for today. And guess what? I've finally made up my mind. I've decided to go for it! :) Still don't know what is it yet? Well I still want to keep in a suspense. hehe... It will only be official in one month time! :) Till now, stay tune! :)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Should I or should I not???

Last night there was the 1st batch audition for choir ministry. It was my first time ever to audition people, usually I'm the one being auditioned! hahaha! Well it was a great experience and it was hard to make the decision too but it was FUN!!! I've never seen people so scared of me before! hahaha!!! Anyway, if anyone of you who went for audition yesterday, I'm usually a very friendly person. You just need to know me! hahaha!!!

Anyway, after the audition, got a phone call. That phone call shocked me because it leads me to make one of the greatest decision in my life. So the greatest question to ponder now is: Should I go for it or should I not? If I go for it, my capacity will be stretched and people will really depend on me. If I don't go for it, I might miss the greatest chance of my life or maybe it's good for me. Back to the question, should I go for it or should I not?

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Dare you to look into your past...

i-Ming: Every life has a record, Dare you look into your past?

What if you realize that your whole life has been recorded and you could...

Revisit the day you were born?
Relive the moments of your life?
Re-encounter history and discover the truth?

(i-Ming) is the latest invention that allows you to explore your life once again. Join us this Easter for a story of love, lust, betrayal and beliefs.

The trailer was last year in CHC singapore
but this year, it's coming to Malaysia, right in KL!!! Wanna know more??? See below!!!

(click to enlarge)

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Power of Visualization!

These few days I've experienced a lot of powerful things in my life and today I would to share with you one of the most powerful thing that I've learned. It's called the power of visualization. Here it goes.

Yesterday I had a very happy day with lots of blessings. I had to lead choir practice and I was really happy to see 9ppl came up for practice. It really makes me happy to see so many people to come and sing together. It was really an encouragement to me. I was also truly blessed with a hot drink after service by a very good friend of mine as I was coughing these few days. Well the most happiest thing is I had 3 revelation yesterday! I've learned about the power of visualization.

Firstly, Charis Lian was sharing her testimony about how God blessed her in her life as a teenager. Indeed it was very good to hear her testimony on how she is blessed financially. There was something that struck me in while she was sharing. She was sharing on the the power of visualization. She said that she was touched by Pastor Kevin's message year ago when he was preaching on Vision. So she started to visualize her future and how she can be successful in her studies. Indeed she was blessed and had excellent results for her SPM. (9As if im not mistaken). I was pretty amazed by a teenage girl visualizing her future in such a way and in return, she was amazingly blessed. Her uncle blessed her with an amount of 5 figures! Can you believe that? (I hope my uncle is reading this right now!!! LOL!!)

Secondly, after Pastor took up the mic to preach. He was preaching on evagelism and how we should share about our faith to people. So he started to illustrate about a fried rice that someone recommended to him. She said that the fried rice is very nice. Then he replied, "It's just chow fan lah! What's so special about it?" Then she said, "No no!!! This is the best fried rice that you can ever find. This is a special fried rice!" So Pastor was describing exactly how that person explained to him. Here it goes, "It's the best Fried Rice that you've ever tasted in your whole life! The fried rice is very different from all that you have eaten. The fried rice is cooked with salty duck egg. It is ssoooo nice!!! When the fried rice is cooked, you can see how the rice is being surrounded by the egg. Every frangrance of the rice that you put in your mouth, you can feel the tastiness of the egg wrapping the rice and the rice inside, it's so pure, so natural, so delicious!!! The taste is so uncomparable to other fried rice, it's indeed the best fried rice ever!!!" After he described the fried rice, Wow!!! That really made me hungry!!! After that he started to describe the tastiness of a bak kut teh, especially the Klang BKT. hehehe... BKT rocks!!! :D Try to visualize the fried rice. What would it look like? How would it taste like? How will it smell like?
Will it look like this???

Or maybe like this? with the wonderful and delicious prawns!!!

Does these make you feel Yummy???? =)

Thirdly, I went for my weekly guitar class on the same day itself. I've learned from Andrew about the skills of a musician. We can have skills but if we cannot flow with the song leader and the cell leader, then it's not worth being skillful. We must have a balance in both. Use our skills for the glory of God. Then he shared that every week before the cell group starts, 1hr before, he will be at home and he will start to visualize the entire cell group meeting. So he will run the entire cell group in his mind and then he will go for cell group prepared and able to flow with the cell leader.

Well these 3 revelations in one day really impacted me. Indeed visualizing is a powerful tool. It is so powerful that I will start applying this into my life. I want the people around me to be blessed by me. So as I was going back by car, thanks to Su min for sending me home, I was thinking that I have done my cell group bulletin for the past 1 year now. I would like someone else to rise up in my cell group and to be able to make the bulletin. It's not that I'm fed up of making it, it's just that as time passes by, I will have to rise up for a higher calling already. So I better get myself prepared for my future. So I started to visualize someone who will take up this responsibility in my cell group. Guess what? As Ray, my housemate, came home, he said, "Robin, Robin... I was just thinking of you!!!" This is very unsual that he will just randomly think of me. It sounds pretty much like my brother when he wants something from me. hehehe... Anyway so he said, "Robin I was looking for you, can you teach me how to do cell group bulletin? Do you have time now? Teach me now!" This is so unexpected! I never believe that he would actually ask me to teach him. So I spent around 1hr maybe to teach him everything about how to do the bulletin and what need to be inserted inside. I even thought him the structure of different songs, about what is a verse, chorus, bridge and a pre-chrous. So I taught him the basic technical pieces of a song. As I finished teaching him, he RAN, as in literally, to his laptop and started to do and put into practice what I've taught him. WOW!!! This is really amazing!!!

Another thing that happened was today. I had my presentation for Lifespan Development class. I love this class so much! I really learned a lot of things. My group had to present a talk show in class today and we did it. We didn't have much time to prepare it but praise God that it turned out to be very good indeed. Before I went to present the show, I visualized it to be a good presentation where we will just act and make it an enjoyable and funny talk show. Indeed it was very funny and even the lecturer laughed at me (means good marks), and everybody laughed together. After class, I did received very good feedback from my classmates. Wow!!! See how powerful visualization can be??? It's indeed very powerful!!!

To conclude this post, let me demostrate you the power of visualization. Have you ever eaten a pork burger before??? Well there's no such thing in Malaysia, just too bad! But I have tried one before!!! Not in Malaysia lah!!! :P hahahaha!!! I went to China last December and I had this delicious pork burger and it looked like this...

The pork burger and me! Doesn't it delicious??? :P
So shiny and juicy it is.... hmmm... yumm....

The bread is so crunchy and crunch crunch crunch!!!! Hmm.....

As I put into my mouth... hmmmm.... it's so big.... but still i put into my.. hmmm... mouth.... =)

And the taste is .... hmmm... delicious....

hmm... wait... not delicious... it's more than that...

hmm... I know now... it's just juicy... tender... melting in the mouth...
sooo... wonderfully cooked...
sooo... deep... sooo... filling.... sooo... tasty....

Let me try the pork meat now... hmm...

hmm.... yum.... uhh?? why are you looking me at me???

Anyway... it's just sooo niiceee!!!! Spruuuuuppptttt!!!!
Miam deliciously good!!!
AWESOMEness!!! :D

So what do you think? Is visualization powerful or not??? hehe...