Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some late updates - Measles and CNY

Okay I'm back to blogging! YAY!!! I've been quite busy with a lot of things since the new semester has started. Well this new year is starting up with a lot of challenges already, which is good. hehehe...

After a very busy week, I was struck with measles. I actually didn't know but on Wednesday when I woke up, I felt very hot. I went to wash my face and still I felt myself hot. I felt that I couldn't go for classes that day. Indeed it was true. Edi saw my face reddish and recommended me to go and see the doctor. So he accompanied me to see the doctor nearby. As the doctor examined me, my whole body was full of rashes. I was shocked!!! Then the doctor said that I was struck with measles and that I have to stay at home for 7 days. He actually counted the days till Chinese New Year(CNY) ends. That's so unfair. I cannot say it's discrimination coz he's also chinese what! I think he purposely didn't want me to celebrate CNY!!!

Anyway I was sentenced to stay under a quarantine of 7 days!!! 7 days!!! Can you believe that??? How to survive??? As a first thought, it'll be quite hard for me as all my housemates went back to their hometown for CNY and I was the only one left alone. Just imagine, no CNY, no nice and delicious abundance food, no ang pow and no friends, how to survive in this CNY season???

Well I didn't lose hope! :) I prayed and got better! The first 3 days I was full with rashes and I was quite weak but on the 4th day, I was feeling well already. It just happened that I had sore throat the day before and I lost my voice. Yes!!! I was voiceless for 2 days!!! Actually I can whisper but did you know that when you whisper you're actually using more strength and talking itself? Well that's what I learned from Google all the while I was stuck at home. When you lost your voice, don't try to whisper, it damages your vocal cord. So yeah the 4th day, I couldn't stand that I'll be staying at home for the next 3 days. So since I was completely well apart from voice-less, I decided to go to church, since there was service on that day. It was really good to feel the air, go out, see traffic jam, see people all around and i could see the blue sky!!! On the other hand, I don't regret of going to church that day, coz Su Min invited me to his house family reunion dinner the next day as he saw me in church. He thought, "Why Robin didn't go back to his hometown for CNY?" Well Robin is from Mauritius and it's very far to travel here and there especially when there's only 2 flights per week. So when he called me the next day, I got back my voice already!!! :D I could finally talk and I immediately accepted his invitation. He even came to fetch me. Wow!!! What a blessed and wonderful day it was! :D I had abundance of food that day!

The next day, Jessie, my subteam member, asked me if I wanna come over to her house for CNY than going there on Wednesday. Yeah I was supposed to go there on Wednesday but actually I got an invitation to go there earlier as the first day of CNY, that's the best of all the days! Well she came all the way to Subang to fetch me from Cheras and back there to her house! It's indeed a blessing. Then I met her family, her 2 brothers and the sis in law and the nephews and niece. Those kids are really cute!!! I got to have a few picture with them too. I also had a lot to eat there too and I received my ang pows there! I tell you, I'm really blessed. After sickness, I wouldn't believe that I could actually benefit from all these. It's indeed a blessing!

After spending the whole day at Jessie's house, she sent me back home but before that we decided to go yum cha and we called Zoey to join us as well. hehehe... As we went to SS15, all the shops were closed apart from mamak of course but we didn't want to go mamak. So in the end, we went to McD to have a large refillable sprite and we share among us 3! :) It was a fun time together and we just shared of how we spent our day! Then on my way back, Michi msged me and asked me if I wanna go open house around. Actually she didn't tell me where to go also. Then Zoey also messaged me and said that if I have no plans, I could go to her place and visit her family. Well I did both, I went with Michi, where we went to Galdon's house. Spent quite some time there till 3pm! Then afterwards I headed to KL Sentral and took KTM to go to Subang to go to Zoey's house. Reached there, spent some time with her family then we went to eat a sushi king in Subang Parade. I was really blessed by her dad because he sent me all the way back to Cheras. I only realized it when we reached Midvalley. Anyway, it was a fruitful and blessed time with all these families. I really felt that I'm being part of all these families as they all treated me well. It was indeed a very good time! :)

On the 3rd day of CNY, I went to Zoey's place again and to Jessie's place again. I decided that I'll cook something for them. I cooked the famous dish in Mauritius - the Rougaille Corn Beef!!! :D Ok you must learn French from me first so that you can actually pronounce it! hehe... Then Jessie prepared some spagetti and bolonaise and we all ate everything together while we watched IP man on DVD. Yeah the subtitle is very "good" coz it's direct translation from Cantonese to English! So I watched the movie, quite confused but I tried to understand even tho! hehehe... Oh btw it's a very nice movie!!! It's a must watch movie! :) After watching the movie, we cleaned up and rushed to Midvalley to watch INKHEART!!! :D hehehe... Movie marathon it was that day! Well on Wednesday, it was not a public holiday but there was a long queue to our surprised as we reached there. We were wondering if we could make it for the movie or not. Well actually we did! Ok not bad, we had the 3rd row to the screen and it was a nice movie! :)

Well that's where the last day of CNY ended for me! The next day I had to go back for classes already. How I wish I could have longer CNY holidays. Well but everything has to come to an end sooner or later. Hope you all enjoy reading this long post! :P hehehe

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Busy Week

Sorry for not updating my blog. It's a busy week for me. So please come back later! :)

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

3 miracles in 3 days!!!

Here I am back to KL after a very long and tiring trip but all AWESOME!!! I will post about it in my next post. Today I want to share about something great beside back to classes. Well I have to post about that also anyway. hehehe... Ok back to the main topic, 3 miracles in 3 days!!!


Monday, the first day I went back to school after 2 months of holidays, my wardrobe was locked for many days. So when I came back, I had to open it. Once I put the key in, the lock broke!!! I tried to open it so many times but in vain. Then I got an idea. Since my wardrobe was not completely screwed, so I seperated it into half so that I can open the lock from inside. But unfortunately I couldn't find my screwdriver. Then I realised that I borrowed to Linet last time. So I had to ask somebody else who stays nearby. So I asked Caleb instead. As I got the screwdriver, I had to screw the lock out from inside. As I did it, it didn't come out. I don't know why it didn't come out. I tried all my best but in vain. :( Now read this properly! I prayed and made a simple prayer, "God, help me to open this wardrobe's lock in Jesus' Name!" Then I pushed the lock inside, pushed again and I heard a 'click' sound! I pushed it again and it came out!!! Wow!!! PRAISE GOD!!! :D


During the whole day I was doing well. Good weather and I eat properly. That morning I even did my big business in the WC and I could digest all well. That afternoon as I came back from school, I don't know what happened that I had a stomach ache and I got diarrhea within seconds. Okay I know it's disgusting but keep reading first. My stomach was so pain and I was suffering terribly. Then I prayed, "God, help me, take away this pain from me!" Few seconds later, the pain was gone, totally gone!!! Can you believe that? I had no more pain! PRAISE GOD!!! :D


Today, I went to Giant to buy some stuffs for breakfast. Then I saw the Corn Flakes and I wanted to buy. But the problem is that on one shelf it's RM9.36 and on another shelf it's RM8.99. How can it be? Usually if my mum was there, she'll complain and everything. Well I got confused myself, should I buy or not buy? I checked at the price machine and it was RM9.36. Hmm... how can it be? They said got BIG DISCOUNT there. I was still walking by and taking other stuffs and I don't know how but I walked nearby the cashier where there's the manager counter. So I walk by that counter and said to the guy there, "How much is this?" Then he checked and said that it was RM9.36. Weird right? Then I told him that there it's written RM8.99. So he went and check and I went together with him to show him. Then he told me, "Take the price tag and show to the cashier, I give you discount!" Wow!!! Praise GOD!!! :D Then I got the discount with any problem! AWESOME!!!

Well guys and girls out there, God does listen to prayers. I really praise God for 3 consecutive days there was a miracle in my life after I prayed. Well for the manager counter encounter, I really didn't expect it. I didn't even know this was even there. But I believe God led me to walk there! :) I've learned a great thing today, although I'm faithful in praising God in those small things, God will continue to be faithful in the greater things that is yet to come! All glory to GOD! :)

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy New Year 2009



I just came back to KL so I couldn't wish you all earlier. I came back from a very long and tiring trip. I'll update about it soon! So stay tune! :)