Saturday, August 28, 2010

Life Book

Two days ago I woke up in the morning and the first thought that I had, I've posted it on FB. I've posted it and just ONE DAY only, I had 12 Likes, which never happened to me before. I believe that it's quite a good thing also. So I just want to share with you what I've posted on FB that day. 

"You cannot tear out the pages of your past, you can only turn the pages over and write a new one. Our past may be a sad one but it reminds us how naive we were and how mature we are now. It also reminds us how good it was, better than what it is now. The new pages to write are the future of hope. Just hold on the pen and keep writing."
I had this thought because I was just reminded about my past. I believe that a lot of us had some bad past which we wouldn't want to turn back. A lot of us would want to erase it. Well this is what I tried to do when I first stepped on the land of Malaysia. Before I left Mauritius 4 years ago, I told myself that it was time to live a new life. By telling myself this, I thought that I would have freedom and would eventually forget about my past. As the time goes by, I realized that I can still remember of my past. It doesn't torment me, but it is just remembered. From that time, I came to my senses that our past can't be erased. 

Our life is like a book. Ever since we were born, we tried to write our life, but it's quite vague. Because as a small kid, we don't even know how to write yet. But as we grow up, we learn how to write. We eventually write down everything in our mind. Therefore here comes the memory. Our memory is the organism that has the ability to store, retain and recall information such as events, pictures, symbols, etc. Some memories are thoughts mixed with feelings, which make us to remember them. In my past, I had a feeling that people around me who didn't appreciate me much for who I am. 

Before I came to Malaysia, I had my farewell done at my house and 60 people were invited that day, which consisted of relatives and friends. I served drinks and some snacks to my guests. It's quite sad to say that some of my friends didn't even greet my parents when they came to my house, which made my mom upset. Most of the time, my friends were just mingling around and the attention was not on me, when I was sitting with them. They were just among themselves, talking among themselves and I didn't even exist. It's quite sad to say that they enjoyed free food from my mom who cooked for the whole day and she was still cooking while the guests came. Well moms are really amazing! They can do everything to make us happy! Well she didn't tell me that she was upset till the end of the farewell party and that we had to clean up. It's crazy how it is after it has ended. We had to do a lot of cleaning up, especially those spilled drinks. I was quite upset also with some if my friends because they didn't even have a respect for my parents. They didn't even greet them nor say thank you for the food. Imagine that your friends go to your house for your party and never greet your parents and never say thank you, wouldn't you think that it's rude??? From that time I knew who were my real friends.

After I left Mauritius for Malaysia, I enjoyed my life here and I would always keep in touch with my friends back home. I would always email and tell them how am I doing. For your info, I wrote personal emails, meaning I wrote to them individually. It's quite sad to say that some replied me a month after where I have already shared my feelings and experience here in Malaysia. So to reply them was a bit outdated because of the fast pace life here. With time, I started to get busier. That's where I started blogging. I blogged about everything that is happening in my life in KL. I've called it The Adventures of Robin in M'sia (My previous blog). Every week I would blog, I would email them at the same time. But I've realized that nobody replied me, and nobody even read my blog posts. I was writing in vain. It's kind of frustrating at times when you email your friends about yourself and you get no reply at all, especially to those closer friends. 

You may wonder why am I blogging about life is a book, then I talk about the past and now I'm talking about friends. Well let me tell you that all these things are related. Well the more friends you have, the more you feel loved and have a sense of insurance. Having very little friends and just being a loner isn't very good for health. Friends make you laugh, friends share good moment and support you in your tough and sad moment. A loner lives life on his/her own without having people around him. Maybe he/she doesn't want to be disturbed. Having lots of friends is not having lots of friends on Facebook! Friends in real life are there for you! It's not those people who just say Hi and Bye to you. Friends are those who are there in good times and bad times, always by your side to always put a smile on our face. Friends are the most essential thing in one's life apart from parents! They always there to listen and support. Friends are the M&Ms of our life. They make your life colorful when it is just black and white. 

Today I must say that I live a good life. Despite of the past hurts, the wrong relationships, the failures of the past, well all that we can do is to move on with life. That's what I did. I'm living a very good life now, having lots of good friends around, having a quite average university and the most happening church in Malaysia. I have no regrets of my past. Past has passed. The present is where we want to live for our future. Life might be tough at time. It doesn't bring out good things all the time but life shapes us to be a better person. We may have a very bad and hurtful past, but now life goes on. Life goes according to what we are going to write in our Life Book.

Keep writing! :)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

the mrbrown show: your mother's tongue

I like this one the most!!! =)

the mrbrown show: your mother's tongue

the mrbrown show: single in singapore

I've been listening to podcast a lot these days and I really love this Singapore Podcast called "The MrBrown Show". You can check it out, this is their latest podcast. Enjoy.

the mrbrown show: single in singapore

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Life is a beautiful thing

This morning I was feeling a bit lazy to do my devotion. Instead of reading the Bible, I switched on the Podcast to listen to Joel Osteen's sermon #440 You Are Blessed and Cannot Be Cursed and #438 Programming Your Mind for Victory. If you want to listen to it, subscribe to Joel Osteen Audio Podcast. Oh... you will need to download iTunes so that you can listen to his Podcast. The good thing I like about Podcast and iTunes, it's that they are FREE!!! So don't waste your time, go and listen now!!!

Today I woke up today feeling a bit lazy and just wanted to sleep the whole day. But I woke up with the alarm ringing and ringing. It was time for the morning prayer meeting. I started out morning prayer meeting with Caleb for more than a month now and I can tell you that it may be tiring in the morning, but never regret to pray together. Like what my pastor says, "A church that prays together, stays together." Well ever since we pray together, it was only the 2 of us who started out, it was good and started to get better. Our bond grew stronger. Later on, Joshua joined us and then there were Silvia and Wen Sen also. The more we prayed together, the more our bond was getting stronger and we started to hang out with each other. We went for breakfast, eating cheese naan, going for movies, going for bowling and even going for concerts. Oh last week I went for 2 concerts - Jaeson Ma's Rally Concert and a Malaysian Top Artistes Christmas Concert.

Anyway praying is very important in my life because it keeps me moving. It keeps me on track. I know that sometimes I do slack but by praying I always have the strength and I always feel that there's a greater being inside of me. I'm touched by the sermon by Joel Osteen today. It's refreshing. In one of the sermons I've listened, he said, "Don't let your heredity stop your destiny! You are a person of destiny, you are talented, you are created. God planted seeds in you; Seeds of blessing. The blessing God put on YOU will ALWAYS overwrite the curse. The blessing on YOUR LIFE will get you where you're supposed to be." My mom has always told me in the past, not to be like my relatives on my dad's side. Sometimes we would say that I'm just like my relatives from my dad's side. It's kinda hard to think at it. I had a past where I was just living my life with the flow. At times I acted tough. But acting tough didn't mean that I was tough. So this word blessed me, saying that I'm special, I'm a person of destiny, I'm talented, creative and a blessing. I feel that prayer unlocks the door to a blessed and meaningful life. 

As I listened to the other sermon, it also empowered me. Joel Osteen says that we shouldn't let ourselves think that if we want to be free from an addiction, we have to tell ourselves that we are already free and not saying that one day we'll be free from it. The difference is that we are God's creation. We were created in His image and in His likeness. God has already blessed us. He has already gave us favor over our lives. All we need to do, it's to grab it. Being in the likeness of God, it's to think like Him. Think that we ARE free in Christ. Think that we ARE a successful person. Think that we ARE healthy. Think that we ARE prosperous. You might say it is stupid to think such a way when we are not. Well let me tell you, this is called walking in FAITH. Faith without action is dead. Faith works together with action! When we act upon it, that's where what we proclaim we are, gonna come to pass! 

Well it's time to live a beautiful day and it's time to speak of blessing!!! =)

Monday, August 23, 2010

Prophesying over my life!

Healing Rain is falling down! Let it rain! Rain down blessing, prosperity and love! Open the floodgates of heaven! Let it rain now!

Rewrote new year's resolution

It's August and it has been a long while that I haven't been blogging. Oh man!!! That's like a little more than half a year ago. Wow!!! Anyway, it's always good to come back again and create a new look for this time. How do you find my latest blog background design? Nice right? I was trying to find some other ways, but I think that Blogger has improved a lot by provided new designs.

Today I was reflecting back on what I have been achieving this year. It was kinda random because I was going down the lift, I was thinking that I didn't achieve much in this year. I realized that I've only achieved few in terms of relationship with people and in terms of ministry. I must admit that I have slacked a lot in other areas. Maybe I've put too much things to achieve for this year. Maybe it's a burden for me to manage all these things at the same time in my life. Therefore this time I'm trying to narrow it down so that it's easier for me to achieve it.

Here they are:
1. Learn to drive
2. Earn money
3. Study hard
4. Go gym
5. Become a Cell Leader

Yes... it's as simple as that. Earning money is something that I need to do on my own from now onwards. Last year after earning my own money, I've seen how precious to get paid and it's always a joy to receive the salary at the end of the money. Maybe this time I will either try finding a job (which I'm working on it) or I will start investing. 2 Semesters ago, I've read some articles and books online about Warren Buffet and how he earns by investing. It's a big thing. Should learn more about it and start sowing into good grounds.

Yeah I really need to drive. No car has been a hassle for me to travel from Cheras to Sunway week in and week out. I need to start learning and start driving... For that I need to manage my time as well for the classes are that yet to come.

Well all these need hard work! It's time to replan, readjust the gear, and move on! Not a minute to waste, not a second to lose, there's a great future that awaits for me! MOVE ON!!!